We are hiring a full-time logistics supervisor.

Work Hours: 40 hours per week.

Salary: $2240 Bi-weekly

The Logistics Supervisor is tasked to assist the General Manager with overseeing and enhancing the logistics solutions with the most cost efficient and smooth operation procedure. With the support of the Manager, Project Coordinator and the Purchaser, the Logistics Supervisor will work collaboratively with their teams and outsourcing logistics providers to support WCE/GTC project teams and ensure there are smooth hands-off from points of loading to the end customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Maintain the relationship with existing freight forwarders and developing new ones strategically.
·       Send rate inquiries based on loading plan and production team’s request.
·       Determine the most cost-effective shipping options/routes based on required timelines & approve freight forwarders quotes.
·       Communicate with forwarders before and after loading to ensure equipment and space availability.
·       Ensure open communication with GTC logistics team regarding booking activities, identify issues and report to the manager.
·       Communicate with forwarders before and after loading to ensure equipment and space availability.
·       Monitor freight forwarder and shipping lines activities, ensuring all cross functional departments are alerted to incoming timelines, delays, empty availability, rate adjustment…etc.
·       Freight and shipping contract management.
·       Assist communicating with each project team on both weekly and monthly basis, and report to her manager about ongoing volume forecasts to the manager.
·       Assist managing operations, sales strategy and activities of the fumigation facility in Antwerp, details will be followed.


·       Post-Secondary Education
·       Supervisor: 3 years’ Experience
·       3rd Party Logistics: 3 years’ Experience
·       Strong organizational, problem solving and time management skills
·       Professional verbal and written communication skills
·       Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment