This employee leads, trains, and works with a crew performing skilled tree maintenance tasks, operating heavy equipment, and using a variety of power and hand tools. The incumbent works independently, receiving specific instructions regarding daily assignments from the Forestry Operations Supervisor or other higher level supervisory personnel. Work is performed in all types of weather conditions, including the most severe. Employee is required to respond to emergency conditions during unscheduled hours. Related work is performed as required.

This is a Competitive Class position. The individual selected to fill this vacancy will be given a provisional appointment and will be required to participate in the next Civil Service Examination for this title.

A qualified applicant may be provisionally appointed and serve in the position until a Civil Service Examination is administered and an appropriate eligible list can be established to make a permanent appointment in accordance with the Civil Service Rule of Three. (See “http://www.cityofrochester.gov/article.aspx?id=8589935786” Provisional Appointment – FAQ’s) If you are already a City employee and have permanent, competitive status in your current position and appointment to this title would result in a provisional appointment in another department, you will lose your previous permanent competitive rights.


Typical Work Activities

  • Leads a crew of forestry workers in various operations: assigns specific tasks, ensures all necessary safety precautions are taken, and co-ordinates workers in the completion of each work assignment;
  • Performs skilled tree maintenance such as pruning, planting, cabling, cavity treatment, bracing, bolting, and removal of trees;
  • Identifies tree maintenance needs in the field and refers them to supervisor;
  • Trains and directs less experienced workers in tasks such as operating and maintaining heavy equipment, tree climbing with saddle and rope, using specialized forestry equipment and tools, and identifying structural hazards;
  • Enforces employee work rules and City and Bureau safety policy;
  • Responds to forestry and other questions related to city services while performing work in the field;
  • Explains to public and police what will happen in the work area, possible hazards, and how traffic and parking will be affected;
  • Submits daily reports concerning work orders completed and in progress;
  • Completes accident and other required written reports, such as those concerning tree hazards and maintenance needs observed in the field;
  • Determines equipment and supplies necessary for daily projects and ensures all is returned or accounted for at the end of each work day;
  • Performs preventive maintenance for assigned vehicles and equipment;
  • Evaluates new hires and makes recommendations to supervisor regarding retention;
  • Directs and performs miscellaneous tasks requiring use of lift truck.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or G.E.D. AND

I.A. Associate’s degree in Forestry or a closely related field; AND
B. Two (2) years of tree maintenance experience which must include performing the following tasks:

  • Operating and working from aerial lift trucks;
  • Tree climbing, using saddle and rope;
  • Trimming and removing large trees including stumps.


II. Possession of a Tree Worker Certification issued by the International Society of Arboriculture and one year of experience as described in I-B.


III. Three (3) years of experience as described in I-B.

Valid Commercial Driver’s Class B license, without airbrake restrictions, at time of appointment. This license must be maintained throughout employment in this title.