Job Title: Entry Level Positions

Background: Are you ready to dive into the heart of the forest industry? Join our team at Beasley Forest Products and be part of a company that’s committed to sustainable logging practices, innovation, and excellence.

Beasley Forest Products (BFP) began from humble beginnings with a two-employee logging operation and has since evolved into a global leader in the forest products industry. With diverse product offerings we service both domestic and international clients.

We look forward to receiving your application and finding the perfect candidate to join our team!

Position Summary:
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, to sort the good lumber from the bad lumber, that goes into the bundles for the customer.

This operator must be cross trained in other jobs to, to act as relief operator for those positions for absenteeism, breaks etc.

Ensure that the scrap lumber is fed into the chipper, to go to the saw dustbin for shipment to the customers.

Ensure that the bundles of lumber are always stacked neat and orderly, for banding to go into storage.

Ability to write the length, width, and thickness of the lumber in each bundle, so it can be retrieved quickly for shipment to the customer.

All lumber must be dipped before it is sent to the lumber yard for storage.

All lumber bundles must be banded with a hand operated bander.

Secondary Duties:
Must perform other duties as assigned by your supervisor.

Maintain a clean and orderly work area, to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Ability to change out the strapping on the hand operated banding machine.

Always wear the appropriate PPE when working.

Must perform minor maintenance on the strapping machine and perform preventive maintenance on the round table and conveyor system. Such as oiling, applying grease, etc. to the equipment.

Required Skills:
Ability to Read and Write

Knowledge of basic math, including whole numbers and fractions.

Knowledge of how to use basic tools.

Must be capable of following instructions efficiently.

Must be capable of learning the job in two weeks.

Must be physically capable to lift thirty-five pounds.