Conducts road assessment and maintenance monitoring in conjunction with the Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan and the programmatic road permits.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned)

  • Collects stream discharge measurements
  • Directs the monitoring of water drafting operations including communication to supervisor on permit compliance issues
  • Ensures primary contact for wildlife exclusion needs on all tanks on the property
  • Reads and analyzes topographic maps, LiDAR imagery and aerial photographs to effectively travel in a forest landscape.
  • Maintains legible, accurate notes.
  • Enters field data into spreadsheets and databases.
  • Participates actively in the Company safety program.
  • Ensures proper care, upkeep, and maintenance of personal and group assigned equipment.
  • Assist in other aspects of the AHCP roads monitoring program as needed, such as:
  • Conduct field inventories of stream crossings and other road related features.
  • Estimates relative sediment delivery potential from forest roads and associated structures.
  • Identify, describe and assist accurately to develop appropriate treatment prescriptions for road upgrading, decommissioning and maintenance activities.


-Must have successfully completed college courses in hydrology, geology, watershed management, forestry or related programs.

-Must be able to successfully pass a qualifying course in ATV training.

-Demonstrated safe work habits.

-Ability to work alone or in small groups without immediate supervision.

-Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite.

-Demonstrated use of basic field measurement tools (logger’s tape, clinometer, hand compass, hand level).

-Demonstrated use of topographic maps and aerial photos in a forest landscape.

-Valid California driver’s license.

-Must be an active and contributing participant in the company safety program.

-Experience in road design, stream crossings, drainage systems, hydrologic influences on road networks, and erosion control and maintenance.

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