This position works on the company’s cable logging crew.  Primary duties are to place and secure chokers around logs in order to prepare them for removal from the woods.  Must be able to pull drop line, lift and set chokers around the logs, assist with road changes and yarder setup, notch stumps and all other heavy labor tasks associated with cable logging.  Communication, good work ethic and teamwork are very important skills for this job.


• Place and secure chokers to logs
• Ability to work in a heavy laborious position – i.e. lifting/setting chokers and pulling cable (rigging)
• Must work well with other employees in close coordination as a team player
• Must recognize and respond to whistle signals for extracting logs
• Be alert to hazards – respond to changing conditions both in weather and terrain
• Assist in re-rigging, road changes, notching stumps and splicing

• Must be able work steadily for 8 hour shift around moving equipment
• Maintain punctual and regular attendance
• Seek out information, training and other resources needed to facilitate the development necessary to be successful in this position
• Comply with all established safety requirements

About Green Diamond Resource Company

Green Diamond Resource Company is a fifth-generation, family-owned forest products company. With our headquarters in Seattle, we own and manage forests in California, Washington and Oregon. We manage our lands in an environmentally responsible manner (FSC and SFI certified), as sustainable and productive working forests. Our subsidiary, Green Diamond Management Company, manages forests in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina. We support our employees in many ways - with safety practices and work environments beyond what the regulations require. We also invest in resources and education that offer our people an opportunity for growth and advancement.