Are you looking to spend your work days breathing fresh, evergreen-scented air? We’re in need of a logging operator to run our harvester and other vehicles. Pack a lunch, because you’ll watch the sunrise with your fellow crew members and return to town after a long and satisfying day in the woods for an evening of rest. You’ll enjoy working with us, as we only run top-of-the-line, late-model equipment. We’re looking for someone who can make decisions on the fly while always following safety protocols. When the weather or terrain gets rough, we need someone who will stick to assigned tasks and maintain a positive attitude. If all of the above sounds like a description of you, please fill out and submit an application.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Operate tractors, harvesters and other vehicles with care during day or night hours
  2. Check fuel, oil and brake fluid levels along with conducting a 360-degree inspection at the beginning of each workday to ensure it is safe to start equipment and move freely to the harvest location
  3. Use your machine proficiently to cut trees, shear limbs, slice downed logs and move timber while navigating vehicles through tight spaces
  4. Remain attentive at all times, employing hand-eye coordination and multitasking skills such as operating equipment while observing signals from a colleague over a two-way radio
  5. Wear personal protective equipment that is suitable to the environment and tasks being carried out, despite vibrations, jarring movements and sudden weather changes
  6. Purchase supplies and replacement parts and assist with vehicle repairs and maintenance
  7. Navigate forest roads using physical maps and/or GPS
  8. Weigh logs, confirm species, load transporter trucks and prepare receipts and other documents as needed


Job Skills & Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalentAt least two years of experience in the logging industry
  • Able to safely operate heavy equipment in dusty conditions, snow and rain
  • Strength to repetitively lift up to 50 pounds
  • Excellent listener and verbal communicator


Vocational training in Ponsse Scorpion King Harvester & Ponsse Buffalo King Forwarder is desired but training on any other model will be considered


This job is in Tver Oblast Russia. Our company will secure a proper work visa for you should you need one. Flight from home city to St Petersburg Russia. Travel to base camp and room and board. Knowledge of Russian language is a plus but not required. Preference will be given to Russian citizens first according to laws of the Russian Federation

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