General Description

The Forklift Operator shall work to ensure actions reflect the company culture, work meets or exceeds company standards, values and working environment and actions reflect that as outlined by the Sawmill Manager and will support the development and execution of the safety mission at Kennebec Lumber
Company. This position ensures efficient shipping of lumber and organization of yard inventory.


  • Load and Unload trucks with accuracy
  • Communicate with dispatcher; know the daily shipping activity
  • Assist in printing tags and tagging lumber
  • Scan outgoing lumber tags with handheld to produce shipping paperwork
  • Stack/Sort Full rows utilizing maximum height capacity
  • 3-4 Packs high on hot top
  • Bases must be 2 full packs, DO NOT stack on partial packs

Stack all Species and Sizes together. All Lumber must be 6’ away from buildings

  • Keep yard free of loose blocking – keep picked up in racks
  • Clear all debris (strapping, etc.) from yard
  • Ensure lift is cleaned/inspected daily
  • Perform other related duties as assigned


  • Safety First – PPE Hard hat in all areas of the yard, florescent vests required for all yard activity, eye protection, hearing protection

o Steel/Safety Toed footwear required in all areas

o Hear Protection required in all areas near running equipment. Exception being – inside cab of outside machine forklifts

o Report all near misses and unsafe acts

o Pedestrian awareness at all times in the area

o Follow KLC employee handbook policies & procedures

  • Radio communication & acknowledgment

o Use professionalism at all times

o Answer all calls in a timely manner

o Keep chatter to a minimum

  • Other Requirements


  • Pick up after yourself
  • Participate in the department housekeeping program

Good organizational skills

Additional training as required