Thirty (30) semester credit hours, including twelve (12) semester credit hours in forestry, which must include at least one course in three or more of the following areas: botany, dendrology, forest biology, forest ecology, forest ecosystem management, forest entomology, forest health, forest mensuration, forest pathology, forest protection, forest soils, general soils, geographic information systems, land surveying, and silviculture
One (1) year of technical forestry experience in one (1) or more of the following areas: forest management, including sale and removal of timber products; nursery management, including the transplanting of tree or shrub seedlings; forest pest management, including control of diseases and insect pests.

Duties Description
The candidates will assist with the administration of the NYSDEC’s Conservation Easement, Forest Preserve, and State Forest Programs within St. Lawrence County. The technicians will perform a variety of duties in support of the three Programs: including tasks related to recreation, easement monitoring, forest inventory, and timber sales. One position will be assigned exclusively to the State Forest Program.

Primary duties may include some or all of the following:

  • Monitors the condition and use of campsites, trails, and associated facilities. Will collect, compile, and summarize recreation data for management planning use. Use GPS units, handheld data collectors with Survey 123, and ArcGIS for data collection, data processing, and map development. May be required to conduct overnight trips into the backcountry.
  • Conduct field inspections: document natural or human caused changes; and analyze easement terms to determine compliance.
  • Assist with public education including presentations and one on one interactions.
  • Assist with forest inventory plot layout, stand type mapping, and stand management recommendations using ArcGIS. Conduct various forest measurements and collect inventory plot data using map and compass, a hand-held data collector and GPS unit, BAF prism, clinometer, Biltmore stick, data sheets, and other related forestry equipment using standard procedures and input field data into the State Forest inventory program.
  • Assist Foresters with timber sales, including marking based upon a written prescription, performing timber volume calculations, and conducting administration.
  • Assist with Unit Management Plan and Recreation Management Plan projects.
  • Assist with invasive species control.

The preferred candidates would have experience with GPS, Leave No Trace Principles, campsite/trail monitoring, hiking, canoeing, and working alone in remote areas. They should have knowledge of silviculture and dendrology, possess strong interpretation, analysis and writing skills, and be proficient in the use and application of ArcGIS 10 and Microsoft Office software.

Additional Comments

Must have a valid driver’s license or demonstrate the ability to meet the transportation needs of the position. Must be able to negotiate difficult terrain. Must be able to work in remote areas.
Must be able to work in adverse weather conditions. Must be able to lift and move objects up to 50pounds.

This is a hourly appointment currently funded through 3/31/2025, with a likelihood of continuing beyond that date.
Program needs and funding will determine actual termination date.
Actual work schedule, duties and travel requirements may vary and will be discussed at the interview.