Silviculture Forester, RPF

About You

You are a passionate and independently motivated individual with years of experience in

your field who is driven toward contributing to efforts to mitigate climate change. You

thrive in a fast paced, team-oriented environment and are interested in collaborating

with experienced professionals with backgrounds spanning sustainability, biology, plant

science, and engineering. You are an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal

skills and an ability to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment.

As a Silviculture Forester, you will report to our Senior VP of Product. You will work on

planning and development of new drone reforestation projects, develop site plans and

planting prescriptions, sometimes participate in fieldwork and monitoring assessments

and create permit applications for reforestation projects. You are required to

occasionally travel as part of your responsibilities.

Flash Forest is a growing and dynamic company and, as such, you will be expected to

complete any other duties that are assigned to you. All employees at Flash Forest are

required to remain flexible in the types of work they undertake. This offer assumes that

type of flexibility.

Your Responsibilities

You will be working with the Silviculture and Plant Science Team to develop new

reforestation projects. Tasks include:

● Write site plans and planting prescriptions

● Draft Special Use Permit (SUP) Applications

● Monitor forest restoration projects

● Develop new reforestation projects

● Conduct field work including site reconnaissance, layout, seedling assessments

● Reporting, record keeping, and communicating with project stakeholders

● Assist members of the Biological Research & Development Team and other Flash

Forest staff on an as-needed basis

● Support a consistent, timely, and aggressive cone and seed collection strategy,

which ensures seed inventory matches scaling plans.

● Manage and work closely with your direct reports on the forestry team

Your Qualifications

● Registered Professional Forester with the ABCFP, registration with the AAFMP or

OFPA an asset

● Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, Natural Science, Engineering, or a related field

● Experience working across BC is an asset

● Forestry experience in other provinces an asset

● Strong interpersonal and communication skills required; you will be working

closely with various teams and individuals.

● The ability to manage multiple projects at once

● Experience in a start-up or fast-paced work environment

● PhD or MSc with 5+ years of experience in silviculture, forestry, or ecological

restoration is an asset but not required

● LiDAR experience is an asset but not required

● Image interpretation / remote sensing experience is an asset but not required

About Us

Flash Forest is a reforestation company that uses aerial mapping software, drone

technology, automation, ecological science, and a lot of passion to reforest post-wildfire

areas at a rapid pace. We accelerate the rate of reforestation worldwide. Instead of

humans on the ground, we transfer the hard labour to drones. Living in the age of

technology, we can effectively harness this to restore entire ecosystems, scaling the

global quest for carbon neutrality. Flash Forest is here to tip the scales in the global

ecological crisis.

With primary locations in Mississauga and Vancouver, we are excited to have you as

part of our team as we expand to the world. This role is based in British Columbia . The

position will be mostly remote, but you will be required to travel across the province for

periods of time (mostly in BC and AB but occasionally in other provinces and


Our Values

IMPACT – We started Flash Forest with the goal of offsetting enough carbon emissions

to have a significant and measurable impact on climate change within the next decade.

QUALITY – We work closely with plant scientists and forestry experts and will use

multispectral mapping UAV technology to select ideal planting sites and provide

valuable follow-up data on ecosystem health.

INCLUSIVITY – We want everyone to have a way of personally contributing to a

large-scale environmental solution through an organization they can trust.

COOPERATION – We are committed to partnering with local groups, agencies, scientists,

and individuals of all types to share knowledge and resources for the best reforestation


Employment Type



Remote, across BC

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Please email a cover letter and

resume to quirin@flashforest.ca with “Silviculture Forester Position” in the subject line

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