About Harrop-Procter Community Co-Operative

The Harrop Procter Community Cooperative (HPCC) operates from a commitment to the belief that it is possible to operate with vision and accountability and be financially sustainable. In 1999, the BC Ministry of Forests granted the community a forest license, and HPCC was formed. After decades of blockades and protests that left those working in forestry feeling devalued and attacked, and those with environmental concerns feeling concerned and antagonized, members of the community saw the opportunity to take a different approach, together.

Since it began, HPCC’s Forest Manager has managed logging activity in alignment with community values and priorities, employing skilled community members in the enterprise. In 2009, the Harrop Procter Forest Products sawmill began operations – adding value to our local wood products and delivering on the commitment to provide local employment from our forests. Harrop Procter Forest Products is one of the few community forest-owned sawmills in the Province of BC. The mill is located on a small acreage in Harrop, with 8 – 10 employees operating a mix of main saw, scragg mill, resaw, moulder, and other mobile equipment. Over the last several years, the mill has generated just over $1M in sales annually, with a production of 400,000 bd ft. It is an important component of the unique and innovative approach to forestry taken by the Cooperative.

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